If you want to avoid wasting your custom-made content in Sims 4 for later use, you can down load the Sims4 tray retailer with regards to mac and install it. Nonetheless be careful, you might not be able to foreign trade your data if you do not stick to the rules. The application is available for free, but some people make a mistake in certainly not following all of them properly. This to use the Sims4 dish importer on mac:

This utility was created by Deevo, a modder who has been a member within the L’UniverSims staff for almost 8 years. It has a lot of beneficial features, which include batch-zipping of tailor-made articles. This software was created during the beta stage https://deliberatedomain.com/how-to-use-sims-4-tray-importer of the video game and is actually updated many times. The latest version includes a lot of bug repairs and a built-in mod clash metal detector to prevent module conflicts. It also has a simple export procedure, making it ideal for users who want to use the course for batch-zipping custom articles.

Once you’ve downloaded the Sims4 tray importer, you’ll need to select your preferred foreign trade format. Pick the ‘Export with custom content’ option. This will demonstrate the files to export. Once you’ve completed importing the custom content material, you can backup and insert them back to the game’s tray rubbish bin. Consequently, transfer them back to the initial game through the help of the retailer application.